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    1. Introduction
    2. Benefit of PMP Certification
    3. Qualification
    4. The Road to Become a PMP
    5. The PMP Exam: An Overview
    6. PMP Exam Syllabus
    7. Recent Changes in PMP Exam
    8. PMP Exam Preparation Strategy
    9. What is on the PMP Exam
    10. Post Certification

    1. Definition of a Project
    2. Project Management
    3. Operations Management
    4. Program Management
    5. Portfolio Management
    6. Inter-Relationships among Project Management, Program Management, Portfolio Management, and Organizational Project Management (OPM)
    7. Interrelationships among Project Management, Operations Management, and Organizational Strategy
    8. Interrelationships among Project Management, Organizational Strategies, and Organizational Governance
    9. Business Value
    10. Project Management Office (PMO)
    11. Constraints
    12. Stakeholder Management
    13. Organizational Influence on Project Management
    14. Power of Project Manager in Different Organizational Structures Project Roles
    15. Project Governance
    16. Project Life Cycle
    17. Processes of a Project
    18. Common Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs
    19. Project Management Framework Summary
    20. Practice Questions and Answers

    1. Processes of a Project
    2. Common Project Management Processes Interactions
    3. Project Management Knowledge
    4. Program Management
    5. Process Groups & Knowledge Areas Mapping
    6. Initiating Process Group
    7. Planning Process Group
    8. Executing Process Group
    9. Monitoring and Controlling Process Group/li>
    10. Closing Process Group
    11. Process Groups Key Inputs and Outputs
    12. Project Management Processes Summary
    13. Practice Questions and Answers

    1. Project Integration Management
    2. Project Integration Management Processes
    3. Project Integration Management Processes, Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs
    4. Develop Project Charter
    5. Develop Project Management Plan
    6. Direct and Manage Project Work
    7. Monitor and Control Project Work
    8. Perform Integrated Change Control
    9. Close Project or Phase
    10. Project Integration Management Summary
    11. Practice Questions and Answers

    1. Project Scope Management
    2. Project Scope Management Processes
    3. Project Scope Management Processes, Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs
    4. Plan Scope Management
    5. Collect Requirements
    6. Define Scope
    7. Create WBS
    8. Validate Scope
    9. Business Value
    10. Control Scope
    11. Project Scope Management Summary
    12. Practice Questions and Answers

    1. Project Time Management
    2. Project Time Management Processes
    3. Project Time Management Processes, Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs
    4. Plan Schedule Management
    5. Define Activities
    6. Sequence Activities
    7. Estimate Activity Resources
    8. Estimate Activity Duration
    9. Develop Schedule
    10. Control Schedule
    11. Project Time Management Summary
    12. Practice Questions and Answers

    1. Project Cost Management
    2. Important Accounting Terms
    3. Project Cost Management Processes
    4. Project Cost Management Processes, Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs
    5. Plan Cost Management
    6. Estimate Costs
    7. Determine Budget
    8. Control Costs
    9. Earned Value Management
    10. Project Cost Management Summary
    11. Practice Questions and Answers

    1. Project Quality and Quality Management
    2. Quality Methodology: Crosby, Juran, And Deming
    3. Project Quality Management Processes
    4. Project Quality Management Processes, Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs
    5. Plan Quality Management
    6. Perform Quality Assurance
    7. Control Quality
    8. Project Quality Management Flow Chart
    9. Project Quality Management Summary
    10. Practice Questions and Answers

    1. Project Human Resource Management
    2. Important Project Roles and Responsibilities
    3. Project Human Resource Management Processes
    4. Project Human Resource Management Processes, Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs
    5. Plan Human Resource Management
    6. Acquire Project Team
    7. Develop Project Team
    8. Manage Project Team
    9. Theories of Motivation
    10. Project Human Resource Management Summary
    11. Practice Questions and Answers

    1. Project Communications Management
    2. Key Terminology in Communications Management
    3. Project Communications Management Processes
    4. Project Communications Management Processes, Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs
    5. Plan Communications Management
    6. Manage Communications
    7. Control Communications
    8. Project Communications Management Summary
    9. Practice Questions and Answers

    1. Project Risks
    2. Project Risk Management
    3. Key Tools & Techniques for Risk Management
    4. Project Risk Management Processes
    5. Project Risk Management Processes, Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs
    6. Plan Risk Management
    7. Identify Risks
    8. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
    9. Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
    10. Plan Risk Responses
    11. Control Risks
    12. Project Risk Management Summary
    13. Practice Questions and Answers

    1. Project Procurement Management
    2. Project Contract
    3. Project Contract Types
    4. Project Procurement Management Processes
    5. Project Procurement Management Processes, Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs
    6. Plan Procurement Management
    7. Conduct Procurements
    8. Control Procurements
    9. Close Procurements
    10. Project Procurement Management Summary
    11. Practice Questions and Answers

    1. Project Stakeholder Management
    2. Project Stakeholder Management Processes
    3. Project Stakeholder Management Processes, Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs
    4. Identify Stakeholders
    5. Plan Stakeholder Management
    6. Manage Stakeholder Engagement
    7. Control Stakeholder Engagement
    8. Practice Questions and Answers
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4 Days Bootcamp Schedule

It is well known that a large percentage of projects fail to deliver the benefits expected by the business. In fact 70% of projects fail to deliver on time, within budget and to specification. Many projects fail due to lack of proper planning and poor management resulting drastic increase in project cost, significant delay, loss of revenue and reputation.

The PMP certification provides project management professionals with an objective measure of competence, while being a globally recognised standard of achievement. The certification covers critical topics in project management, communication and leadership skills today, including project management framework, integration and processes, project scope, time, costs and quality management, project human resources and communication management, project procurement and contracts management, project stakeholder management, project risk management and more.

Our 4 Day Bootcamp is the perfect preparation for the highly demanding and all-encompassing PMP examination. Our intensive course and experienced instructor will accelerate students towards their PMP certification, as well as provide the detailed knowledge required for any individual to be a successful project manager and be able to manage project of any size. Please note that the certification exam is not included in the training.

About the PMP® Holistic Review Seminar by Isometric

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Why prepare for your PMP exam with us?

See our Course Key Features:

  • Globally recognised and renowned Instructor and bestselling PMP exam prep author - Sohel Akther
  • Access to online Quiz Engine with over 1000 questions related to the PMP®

  • Get the PMP® exam prep kit included with your training.
  • The all-in one PMP Exam prep kit will provide project managers with all the information they need to methodically get ready for the PMP certification exam and pass on the first try. This kit includes a textbook, an 8 pages quick-reference guide, and 340 flashcards, and a workbook. The highly rated, easy-to-follow Exam Prep text book covers everything you need to know to pass your exam. This book gets 4.9 stars on Amazon out of 102 customer reviews.
  • Complete and verify your PMP exam registration with the trainer during the session.
  • Get a soft copy of the 660 slides training material.
  • Get quality content, expert assistance, and all of the tools you will ever need in one package. The course is led by the bestselling author himself so there’s no middle man to information.

Our PMP® training course is truly a unique offering, encompassing the highest quality of content, expert assistance from the a Master of PMP® and all the tools needed to help you pass the PMP® exam on your first trial.

The training and its associated resources covers all of the 5 domains of the PMP using the blended approach. Such an approach makes use of live training and many other resources. Our training starts before you even set foot in the class, continues throughout the class, and our instructor will continue to help you after the class until you reach your certification goal.


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PMP, just learn with the bestselling PMP prep author.


Sohel Akhter

Bestelling author of the PMP exam prep books and materials.

Sohel Akhter, MSc, PMP, CCNA, ISMS, CISSP is a program management consultant, trainer, and an adjunct professor for City University of New York's MBA program. He is a top-level management professional with a distinguished management history of over fifteen years in information technology, networking, and software engineering within multiple industry settings.

Sohel is the author of Amazon’s best rating and bestselling Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam Prep. His popular PMP Quick Reference Guide, Flash Cards, and Workbook are also used all over the world by universities and PMP training providers. Among Sohel's many other specialties are: PMO setup, WI MAX deployment, SAP implementation, strategic planning, business automation, and enterprise solution. Additionally, he has led many companies to success with his excellent project management skills, including Bank, Multinational, SMB, IT service providers, and ISPs. As a top-level executive in large organizations he has managed teams of several hundred employees.

Sohel has been providing project management training, PMP certification exam prep boot camp and PM consultancy globally for several years. He had conducted PM training and consultancy at various levels of organizations for senior management, implementation team members and end users for US and other foreign companies. Sohel has helped many participants to successfully pass their PMP exam.


Most frequently asked questions.

  • What is the PMP ?

    The Project Management Professional (PMP) is an internationally recognized professional designation offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). There are currently 712,948 active PMP certified individuals and 279 chartered chapters across 207 countries and territories worldwide.
  • Who has developped the bootcamp ?

    The PMP Boot Camp has been developed by Sohel Akhter in accordance with the Body of Knowledge set out by the Project Management Institute (PMI®) who are recognised as an International leader in the development of Certified Training programmes.
  • Who Would Benefit from this training ?

    1. Project managers
    2. Head of departments
    3. Senior stakeholders
    4. Members of the management
    5. IT controllers
    6. Financial controllers
  • What is included in the tuition fee ?

    1. notes, paper, pens etc.
    2. 4 days live training in Zürich
    3. A copy of Sohel Akhter PMP exam prep kit including the PMP exam prep book, 340 flashcards and an 8 page pamphlet
    4. Access to an online quiz with PMP exam-like questions
    5. Direct assistance from a Master PMP both during the course and also after the course (via email)
    6. A certification of attendance
    7. Coffee, snacks and refreshments provided each day
  • How to apply for the certification ?

    This Bootcamp prepares candidates for the PMP exam which is run by the Project Management Institute (PMI). To apply for the certification you must fulfill the eligibility criteria and complete your application which will then be reviewed. Then you have to pay and register to sit the test. You can have a detailed overview of the process on the PMI certification website. The trainer will assist you to complete your exam registration during the session.
  • Why should I be PMP certified ?

    The PMP® certification is the common language used by nearly 650,000 certified project managers around the globe in every industry as it is recognized as the gold standard in project management.
    1. Globally recognized and demanded
    2. Demonstrates that you have the experience, education, and competency.
    3. Increased marketability to employers and higher salary
    4. Increases your salary up to 15% - 20% more than your non-credentialed colleagues and peers.
    5. Increases employees value to an organization
    6. Provides professional/personal recognition
    7. Creates job growth opportunities within an organization
    8. Expedites professional advancement
    9. Increases your project management (PM) knowledge


Feedback about the PMP Bootcamp

I had the opportunity to attend a PMP exam prep course instructed by Sohel in October 2012. I took and passed the PMP exam immediately after attending his class. Sohel provided the knowledge, experience and business acumen required to attain the PMP certification. He stressed the importance of understanding the process and not the gimmicky memorization techniques for passing the exam. He is a true professional and I highly recommend him as a project management expert.

I had the pleasure to finally meet and work with Sohel. He is confident and a true expert in project management. His mentoring is powerful and is truly like magic, as it ultimately achieves the goal, without even realizing it. I'm very happy with Sohel and his mentoring style, and strongly recommend him and his precious materials to anyone interested in gaining project management expertise and/or certificates. Sohel has a recipe for success,... just follow his guidance, and I guarantee that success will come to you as well ... he is the best!

Sohel is an outstanding instructor with in depth knowledge and experience that commands immediate respect. Coupled with his unwavering positive attitude I'd recommend his PMP class to anyone that was seriously pursuing the PMP certification. I think it would be very difficult to find a better instructor anywhere.

Tuition Fees

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for the PMP Bootcamp.